Some Sobering Sights From the North Texas Irish Festival at Fair Park

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Daniel Daugherty
The Saturday turnout for this year's North Texas Irish Festival was pretty solid, even before taking into account the steep price of admission -- 15 bucks a pop! Who knew so many people were itching to wear a kilt in public?

Then again, it's really the only day of the year when kilt-wearers, harp players and Morris Dancers can come out of the woodwork and show off their niche hobbies. Come St. Patrick's Day, we'll all be too drunk to care.

Among the performers, the highlight of the afternoon was Seamus Stout, a traditional Celtic band playing upbeat songs about surreal drinking experiences. No "Fields of Athenry," but I'm not complaining.

Between the kilts and clever t-shirts, Saturday was all about the people-watching. If you didn't make it out this year, we've done the hard part and nabbed some choice fashion shots for this slide show.

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