Ryan and Tamisha Moats Recount Their DPD Run-In on Good Morning America

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ABC News
Ryan and Tamisha Moats on Good Morning America this morning
The Ryan Moats-Robert Powell run-in keeps on running -- this time to Good Morning America, where Moats and his wife Tamisha sit down for an exclusive with Robin Roberts, though not before a lengthy recap that includes the dash-cam footage and Dallas Police Chief David Kunkle's apology. During the course of the interview, Tamisha Moats says that Powell did indeed pull a gun on her: "He could have shot me. He was pointing the gun at me and saying don't take another step."

That said, she'd also accept the officer's personal, one-on-one apology: "It would be comforting if we heard an apology directly from him. But we definitely would accept his apology because, you know, he's a human being." Says Roberts by way of introducing the nearly nine-minute package, "A city and a family try to move on."

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