Peter King: AT&T's No Longer Interested in New Cowboys Stadium Naming Rights

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A bestest Friend of Unfair Park directs our attention to Peter King's Monday Morning QB column filed from the annual NFL meetings in Dana Point, California. A the bottom we discover that the Sports Business Journal may have had it wrong earlier this month -- as in, AT&T isn't buying the naming rights to Jerry Jones's Arlington Enormodome after all.
Word in the lobby last night was the Cowboys lost a $25-million-a-year naming-rights deal for their new stadium when AT&T dropped out of the bidding for Jerry's World in Arlington. No name on a stadium is worth that much, but this place is going to be fairly phenomenal, with its 180-foot-wide high-def TV/scoreboard stretching above the field from 20-to-20. I toured the 70-percent-complete stadium last October, and it's just like what Elaine Benes found out about the Teri Hatcher-girlfriend character's northern endowment on Seinfeld: It's real, and it's spectacular.

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