Oh, Dallas, What a Waste

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Out of 25 U.S. major metropolises surveyed for the just-released America's Least Wasteful Cities study, Dallas ranks ... 24th, ahead of only Atlanta. Some 4,000 folks nationwide participated in the survey, in which they were asked such things as: How long do you shower? How much trash do you create? Do you drink water out of reusable containers or disposable plastic bottles? Do you turn off the lights when you're not in a room? Do you use reusable grocery bags? And so on. Dallas scored low throughout, raking up only one Top 10 nod:
Dallas ranked 9th in the nation for reusing wrapping paper and ribbons. Dallas was worst in the nation in using reusable bottles in place of single-serve plastic water bottles and saving leftovers to eat again.
But we'll do better this year, swear: While only 26 percent of Dallasites "think their city is on the right track to becoming more environmentally responsible, 83% plan on being more environmentally conscious in the next year."

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