In Order to Get Her Life "Back to Normal," Bachelor Not-Winner Goes to Ellen

Melissa Rycroft, I think
I enjoy television as much as the next 5-year-old, but somehow I've managed to miss every single second of The Bachelor -- Ellen too, except when DISD rising star Dalton Sherman got his free computer back in September. Alas, the two titans of TV dip chocolate into peanut butter this afternoon: Former Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader Melissa Rycroft -- who, I dunno, has been in the "news" this week? -- goes on Ellen DeGeneres's afternoon chat show today to talk about getting dumped or something?

Says DeGeneres, "She deserved better, and I cannot wait to talk to her about it (and fix her up with Ryan Seacrest)," who's apparently on some music tryout show or something? Rycroft, incidentally, is back in Dallas and "pursuing the teaching thing and attempting to get my life back to normal," and going back on TV's always the first step to recovery. Oooh, new The Office and 30 Rock tonight.

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