In Farmers Branch, Elizabeth Villafranca Has Finally Decided to Run for City Council

Categories: Politics
Steve Satterwhite
Elizabeth Villafranca with daughter Natalie, who was 6 in the fall of 2006, when this photo was taken
Back in November 2006, Megan Feldman wrote for the paper version of Unfair Park a lengthy piece about Farmers Branch and then-city council member Tim O'Hare's fight to rid the city of illegal immigrants, especially those living in rental properties. Much of the piece dealt with the politicization of Elizabeth Villafranca, who, with husband Enrique, owns Cuquitas Mexican restaurant in the FB. But as Villafranca, who then had no record in politics or activism, told Feldman, "I'm just like this random person off the street."

Well, more than two years and $1.6 million in legal bills later, Villafranca's going into politics after all: The Associated Press reports today that she's running for the Farmers Branch City Council -- specifically, the spot being vacated by Jim Smith. She will formally announce today.

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