SPCA Brings to North Texas 150 Dogs Rescued From an Arkansas Puppy Mill

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Courtesy the SPCA of Texas
Two of the 350 dogs rescued from an Arkansas puppy mill this week; they will be up for adoption in coming days.
Yesterday, the SPCA of Texas began transferring to McKinney 150 dogs seized from a Paris, Arkansas, puppy mill. In all, some 400 animals -- including miniature ponies, cats, exotic birds and turtles -- were seized from the "horrific" 82-acre facility on Monday, with the Humane Society of the United States assisting local law-enforcement agents.

Says the SPCA of Texas's Web site, just as soon as the animals are given the once-over, and spayed and neutered, some will be made available for adoption as early as next week.But, interested parties, do keep this in mind:
Potential adopters will be made aware that because the dogs come from a puppy mill environment, they will have special needs relating to their house training, medical care and socialization.
Only this morning, the SPCA posted to Flickr a series of photos of the rescued animals.

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