Cocaine Blues: Sorry, Texas, But You Will No Longer Be Able to Buy This Stimulating Drink.

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Out of the Dallas County's 44th Judicial District Court comes this swig o' news, courtesy the Texas Attorney General's Office: Never again will you find Cocaine on your local soft-drink shelves. Greg Abbott and his staff, including Dallas-based ADA Joyce Iliya of the Consumer Protection and Public Health Division, has had the maker of the so-called "energy supplement" in court for a good long while, but today they announced they got what they've wanted all along: a permanent injunction that means Cocaine can't be sold anywhere in Texas. And on its Web site, the Nevada-based Redux Beverages has to disclose that the product "is not available in Texas."

Judge Carlos Cortez also ruled that Redux owes the state $825,000 in civil penalties, since its reps failed to show in his courtroom. On its stunningly annoying Web site, Redux is taking the news well: Beneath its disclaimer concerning sales in Texas, it has posted an illustration of the state that reads, "Texas: Come for the big adventure, stay for the wrongful execution."

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