Apparently, Central Kia Will Never, Ever Have to Pay For a Spot During The Daily Show

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Waaaaaay back in June, Jon Stewart first got the WTF giggles over that Central Kia spot in which a Barack Obama impersonator sells cars at low, low prices. You've probably seen the ad plenty since then; in fact, Central Kia -- which has locations in Plano, Irving, Carrollton and Lewisville -- is still featuring that guy on its Web site, because, look, it never gets old.

Which is something Stewart reminded viewers of only last night, as he whipped out the entire ad yet again and juxtaposed it with the president himself sounding very much like a car salesman during his Monday State of the Auto Industry speech following his firing of GM CEO Rick Wagoner. And so, life imitates ad. Central Kia, you win. The video's after the jump.

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