You Always Feel Like Somebody's Watching You? Well, Rockwell, Get Used To It.

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Another item of interest from this afternoon's Public Safety Committee get-together: a sneak peek at where the city plans to put its surveillance cameras downtown (not to mention a color-coded map containing the location of every single camera already in place). Says the briefing memo, crime's down substantially in areas in which the cameras have been installed -- specifically, the Central Business District and Jubilee Park near Fair Park. Hence, the need for more, more and more of the cameras at a hot spot near you.

And they are coming to an area near you: Uptown, White Rock Lake, Jefferson Boulevard and Fair Park, with such areas as Lower Greenville, the Katy Trail and crime-ridden areas in Northwest Dallas and the Southern sector among consideration. Alas, with the additional camera come additional costs as there's a significant need for additional personnel. That's because "one employee at a single monitoring station can effectively monitor no more than 25 cameras at once," says the memo. In related news, trying to get worked up about Watchmen; not having much luck.

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