Writes Angela Hunt Today: "The Fact Is, This Toll Road Project is Dead."

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That's the council member's assessment, at least, in the wake of yesterday's news that the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers has rated "unacceptable" 34 of 170 areas in the Trinity River levees. An excerpt from the piece she just posted to her Web site:
The fact is, this toll road project is dead. There's no funding for it. Despite the Mayor's assurances during the Trinity referendum to the contrary, the NTTA just admitted that the toll road is facing a billion dollar funding shortfall. If the Corps is allowed to do their job without political manipulation, the toll road will likely face even more delays as a result of their new safety review. If we continue on this course, if we ignore the obvious warning signs and stubbornly plow ahead, the safety needs of our levees will continue to languish and be held hostage by this white elephant of a toll road for years to come. The dirt will not fly. The Mayor's 2013 deadline for toll road completion will come and go, the toll road cost will double again, and the funding gap will increase exponentially.

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