Watch Your Step, East Texas

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Camp Fannin.jpg
Winona's about an hour and a half east of Dallas on a good day -- just out I-20, little north of Tyler. Out thataways you'll find what remains of Camp Fannin, so named for James Walker Fannin and, from 1943 till '46, an Army infantry training center. Ever since then, it's been privately owned land -- except, whoops, there may be some unexploded ordinance spread across some 10,000 or more acres out in that part of East Texas. Among the possible artifacts: "small arms ammunition, mines, grenades, rockets and mortars." At least, that's what the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers figures, which is why it's got a private contractor set to begin treasure-hunting next month. The Corps has been meeting with folks out there for the last few years, because, hey, no time like the present.

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