So, Now Is or Isn't a Good Time to Get in the Real Estate Game?

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A place in 1505 Elm Street is all yours, especially if you like brown and orange walls
A friend of Unfair Park looking to own a summer home (for no more than a few thou, cheapskate) sends word that she's camping out this weekend at the Hyatt Regency. That's because a few hundred foreclosed properties are being auctioned off starting Saturday, and our Friend's itching to snag a spot in the 1515 Elm Street condos that, once upon a long time ago, was known as the George Dahl-designed Dallas Federal Savings Building. Best part: The 1,377-square foot apartment, on the market here for $145,000, is selling at auction beginning at the low, low price of ... $5,000! (The rest of the money will clearly go into repainting the joint.) Feel free to point out the better bargains below, for those in need of deals and steals.

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