Seven and Puma and a Baby Named Mars

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I just received the following e-mail from Erykah Badu's main marketing man Paul Levatino:
Erykah announced on her twitter that the baby's name is MARS MERKABA.
Oh, right -- her Twitter. And by "merkaba," I assume Erykah means the Hebrew word for "throne-chariot of God." Speaking of, anyone ever read the book or see the movie? I did, like, once, in college I think. Saw it during my bong mitzvah. Blew. My. Mind. Grapes. But I digress: Mazel tov to Erykah and new pops Jay Electronica, who I see just got a shout-out in the new Spin, which says his "Exhibit A (Transformations)" is one of the "Songs You Must Hear Now!" In related news, my father occasionally calls me "Uranus."

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