Pete Sessions Doesn't Know Allen Stanford. Except That One Time, In Antigua ...

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Pete Sessions
On Tuesday, just the feds were charging "Sir" Robert Allen Stanford with "massive, ongoing fraud" in Dallas federal court, a Friend of Unfair Park pointed out a report that Stanford had sponsored Senator John Cornyn's November 2004 $7,000 "fact-finding mission" to Antigua. Now, courtesy another interested Friend of Unfair Park, comes a closer-to-home connection -- Congressman Pete Sessions, whose people are claiming that, sure, he got $41,375 from Stanford, but, naw, he doesn't know the guy personally. (And, yes, Stanford and his employees have given generously to the right and to the left -- including $19,700 to Cornyn, $7,300 to Kay Bailey Hutchison, $6,900 to Hillary Clinton and $4,600 to Barack Obama's presidential campaign.) Only, well, the Dallas Republican does know him -- as Talking Points Memo has been talking about and pointing out all morning long. With pictures. From Antigua. Which looks awful purty.

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