Look, There Are Worse Things in This World Than a Free Breakfast. Even If It Is Denny's.

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Denny's manager Ron Ronk accepted an extra delivery of eggs and breakfast meat this morning -- one he hadn't known to expect until late yesterday. As it is, Ronk hopes it'll help his location -- the Denny's at 4400 N. Central Expressway, near Fitzhugh Avenue -- weather a morning rush that's even bigger, hungrier and more broke-ass than usual.

Ronk says he first heard of the Free Grand Slam promotion when the rest of the country did -- when the Nannerpuss ad aired at the end of the Super Bowl. "It came as a shock," Ronk tells Unfair Park. "All I knew was there was a big announcement coming. We thought we were closing or something." Instead, he found out he could be busier than ever Tuesday. "I was kind of shocked. I thought, 'Maybe it's a mistake,'" he says. "But it's really good, it's a goodwill gesture. With the economy the way it is, it's a gift from Denny's to our customers."

I'm planning on powering up early tomorrow a.m. to beat the crowd, but Ronk isn't sure how big a crowd to expect. "It all depends if the word gets out fast enough," he says. "We are fully staffed right now, and we'll have the maximum number of cooks, dishwashers and waitstaff we can hold."

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