In a World ... Full of Black Mold

Ted Cartwright, the environmental evaluator featured in Black Mold Exposure
Producer-director Michael Roland Williams has a tough sell on his hands: a documentary about black mold and how it led to the shuttering of the 264-unit Saratoga Springs Apartments apartment complex in Addison, the subject of this Wall Street Journal story. Williams and girlfriend Karen Noseff, then attending law school at SMU, were among those who grew seriously ill from the exposure -- so much so, Noseff had to withdraw from school.

During that time, Williams made Black Mold Exposure (using money won playing online poker), while Noseff started her celeb-fave fashion line Fortune Denim. Locals, of course, will be the first to see the movie with a "Black Carpet" premiere April 15 at the Magnolia Theater.

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