Dust in the Wind? Maybe.

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From the city council's Water Conservation and Drought Plan Update, a look at lake levels
On Wednesday, the Dallas City Council will discuss updating the city's 4-year-old water conservation and drought contingency plans, as this is shaping up to be yet another dry, dusty year. The update is necessary but won't come cheap: If and when council gives the okee-doke, the city will pay Alan Plummer Associates, Inc. more than $600,000 to provide "engineering services" necessary for the update, required by Texas Commission on Environmental Quality every five years. In advance of that vote, the council's Transportation and Environment Committee will sneak-peek the discussion at its afternoon meeting. Judging by last night's weather forecast, Steve McCauley is very worried about our dwindling prospects for rain any time soon -- because, look out, the rain-killing cap's heading north from Mexico!

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