Dallas, So Close to "World-Class"

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The view of the city from the pool at the Belmont Hotel
On this Friday morning, let's sneak a peek at the Sunday New York Times travel section, which spends "36 Hours in Dallas" and serves up this howdy-do: "DALLAS may not be a world-class city, but it's pulling out all the stops to get there." Alas, not much new here for locals likely to read the Sunday Times: The piece is more or less a compendium of familiar eateries and drinkeries, a hodgepodge of hotels and hangs -- Rise No. 1, the Belmont Hotel, the Katy Trail, the McKinney Avenue Tavern, Fearing's, Inwood Village, Gerald Peters Gallery, La Duni Latin Cafe. And, look, a slide show -- it's almost like being there .. um ... here. Still, the list could have been so much more world-classy.

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