City Council's Not Quite Ready to Give the Convention Center Hotel to Omni

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Sam Merten
What the convention center hotel's supposed to look like, more or less, except it won't be so, ya know, small.
Item No. 3 on the Dallas City Council's briefing agenda for today reads as follows:
Approve the execution of the Hotel Operating Agreement between Omni Hotels Management Corporation and the Dallas Convention Center Hotel Development Corporation, the City's local government corporation - Financing: No cost consideration to the City.
But, this just in from City Hall: The council has yet again put off approving Omni as the hotel's operator. No word on why, only that "staff has some more work to do" before the council can give its final okee-doke. Sam has mentioned that Bill Marriott also wants a shot at the contract, but so far, no word on whether his bid is being considered.

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