Because, Apparently, Selling Used Stuff to Cowboys Fans Is Easier than Throwing it Away

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Patrick Michels
Workers already took care of the Texas Stadium 50-year-line in January. But maybe you can still get Quincy Carter's old locker?
Guess Jerry Jones didn't sell off every last scrap of Texas Stadium during his everything-must-go auction, as today the Dallas Cowboys send word that this weekend, the broken-down hole-in-the-roof will host yet another fire sale. This one goes by the moniker "Farewell Fan Fest and Memorabilia Sale." Parking and admission's free for those in desperate need of, oh, "pieces of lockers, section, directional and concession signs, photos, banners, pieces of the goal posts and wall around the field, Texas, US and Cowboys flags flown during games, autographed memorabilia and much more." (What -- no naming rights?) But you've been warned: In addition to Cowboy men past and present and a few Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders scheduled to appear, "Rowdy will be in attendance." 

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