A Downtown Law School is Good for Downtown. But is it Good for America?

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How UNT imagines the old City Hall will look once it becomes a law school
A Friend of Unfair Park whose name does not rhyme with "Patt Mulle" sends us this Texas Watchdog story concerning the downtown law school the University of North Texas System is hoping to squeeze into the old Municipal Building. It's been almost five years since then-Mayor Laura Miller and other city and state officials announced the city's intention to convert the dilapidated 95-year-old building into a law school, and state Rep. Dan Branch is hoping to get his H.B. 59 through the Texas Legislature sooner than later to hasten a 2012 opening date for the law school. But Pulle's found plenty of folks to naysay the project as unnecessary and wasteful, including this feller:
"The notion that you have to have a law school in every city: that's pork-barrel spending and local pride," says Hugh Rice Kelly, the corporate counsel for Texans for Lawsuit Reform. "America needs fewer law schools, not more. The graduates of existing law schools increasingly cannot obtain employment as lawyers, and the job market today is being flooded with lawyers who are being laid off."

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