Senses Working Overtime at "The Largest All-Nude Bar in Texas"

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xtclogojpg.jpgRick's Cabaret issued a press release today concerning its new all-nude joint on Stemmons Freeway: XTC Cabaret, so named for its playlist. (No? My bad.) As we noted yesterday, the Houston-based chain of stripperterias is rebranding its current tops-off, bottoms-on joint due to its poor performance.

And now it claims that the XTC will rank as "the largest all-nude bar in Texas." As in: It's a "25,000 square foot, two-story palace" complete with "an executive level with sky boxes." Classy! Says Eric Langan, president and CEO of Rick's, of the joint that grand-opens Thursday through Friday, "We will benefit from an absolutely ideal location on the heavily traveled I-35 Stemmons Freeway near the American Airlines Arena and just a few miles north of the famous Dallas West End retail and recreation center." Really? The West End?

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