Sean Avery Didn't Like the Dallas Stars. But He Does Like Being a Star.

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avery leaving nhl.jpgIn the Sports Illustrated hitting stands today, Michael Farber dissects "The Trouble with Sean Avery." In short: He's a terrible teammate -- so bad that the Dallas Stars can't even find a minor-league team willing to take the former Vogue intern off their hands, much less an NHL team interested in some high-priced cancer. The story runs some 2,000 words, every one of 'em worth a read. But, this highlight courtesy Los Angeles Kings general manager Dean Lombardi, who traded Avery to New York in '07. --Robert Wilonsky
"Brett Hull criticized us when we traded Sean, saying our team was bad for Sean and bad for the game," Lombardi recalls. "Freedom of expression. How does [Hull, the Stars' co-G.M. with Les Jackson] like it today? They spent $15.5 million to protect the right of free speech. Adams and Jefferson would be proud."

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