Pizza Patrón Takes Pesos. Now, the Dallas-Based Chain Makes Pesos.

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pizzapatroncoupon.jpgTwo years ago, Antonio Swad was all but considered a traitor to the red, white and blue when the Dallas-based pizza man started accepting pesos at Pizza Patrón locations in the DFW. Man got death threats, for God's sakes, even as former Dallas Observer writer Rob Walker was detailing the "peso gimmick" in the pages of The New York Times Magazine. Lest anyone forget his brilliant marketing strategy, stop, collaborate and listen, Swad is back with his brand-new invention: the Pizza Peso, seen above and now accepted at your friendly neighborhood Pizza Patrón, courtesy a distribution deal with Telemundo and DolEx Dollar Express.

But a warning: The dollar-off coupon "resembles Mexican currency and fits easily in a wallet with other bills." So don't try to pass it off as the real thing; it's worth more, anyway. Say, is this what this dude meant by the "'Peso-fication' of the Dollar" last month? Whatever. I still say their mascot looks like Kinky Friedman. --Robert Wilonsky

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