Metroplex Atheists Are About to Take out a Billboard on Stemmons. God Bless 'Em.

Categories: Religion
That billboard pictured at right is currently hovering somewhere over a Philadelphia neighborhood; cities in Arizona and Colorado already have one too. Dallas is next, courtesy the fund-raising efforts of the Metroplex Atheists. Terry McDonald, chairman of the group, tells Unfair Park there are about 200 members of the Metroplex Atheists, a 20-year-old nonprofit whose point is "to let people know they're not alone." Says McDonald, "The idea is to present more of a united front for non-believer ideas."

They'll get the message in coming days: The Metroplex Atheists say they already have enough money to get themselves a billboard and are settling the final details; they're currently looking at a spot on Stemmons Freeway. One thing's for sure, says McDonald, "It'll be someplace very prominent." Maybe next to one of these billboards?

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