Everybody Sing, "Even the Losers Keep a Little Bit of Pride, They Get Lucky Sometimes."

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The girls from the Dallas Academy basketball team who were on the wrong end of that now-infamous 100-0 score have been making the national TV rounds; after the jump is their appearance on CBS's The Early Show on Saturday morning, where they were introduced as "the exact opposite" of losers who "snatched victory from the jaws of defeat." Which make them the exact opposite of Covenant School head coach Micah Grimes, who's been canned for disagreeing with Covenant head of school Kyle Queal's assessment that his team's win was "shameful and an embarrassment." No, you know what's shameful and an embarrassment? Jose Canseco's fight with Danny Bonaduce over the weekend. But speaking of that basketball game, former Observer-er Paul Kix has a piece on ESPN.com that wonders, "Why the new remorse about winning big?"

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