A Division of Urban Forestry, Perhaps?

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Speaking of urban forests, we spent the better part of a chilly Saturday getting lost inside the Harry S. Moss park and nature preserve in East Dallas. Highly recommended.
Seems only appropriate to follow our dead-tree item from Friday with this bit of news: Today, the city council's Quality of Life Committee will take up two urban forestry items, one of which suggests that perhaps it's time for the City of Dallas to create an "an Office or Division of Urban Forestry." That suggestion comes from the City of Dallas Urban Forest Advisory Committee, which says in today's briefing that "it is imperative that we properly manage our green infrastructure to attract business and develop our tax base."

The committee will also discuss today making changes to outdated city codes and ordinances concerning the treatment of trees, living or dead, especially those in street medians (now covered by the Street Department, not the Park Department). And, look, how adorable: The city now has a median "mowmentum" program.

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