A Desire Named Streetcar

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Schutze's fourth-favorite subject, streetcars, goes before the Dallas City Council's Transportation and Environmental Committee this morning, where council members will be joined by Dallas Area Rapid Transit's board of directors. They've got a lot to consider, as in: Where will the streetcars go, who'll govern the operation, how much will it cost, who'll pay for it, and how will the project be funded? (Because, as we noted last month, "Funding for Streetcar Program is not in DART's 20-year Financial Plan.")

The briefing lays out those concerns, along with several route options, only one of which is pictured above. As for the price tag, looks like it'll run between $38 and $76 million. As for how we'll cover the cost, these are among your options thus far: "General Obligation Bonds, Tax Increment Financing, Public Improvement Districts, Parking Revenues, General Fund commitments [and/or] Sale or Lease of City-owned property (joint development or Public-Private Partnerships)."

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