You Can't Really Kill a Tow Company

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baby tow truck.jpgOn December 4, moments after the Permit License and Appeals Board upheld the city's decision to revoke Lone Star Auto Service's towing permit, Friend of Unfair Park "LoveULongTime" cautioned those cheering the company's (at least temporary) demise: "You guys are funny. They will just get their lawyer to get them a new name and the game starts all over again." Ding, ding and ding, reports our favorite Barking Dog.

Writes Avi Adelman, Lone Star's now has two state-issued permits -- in "record time" -- under two different names, Ideal Towing of Dallas LLC and Champion Tows LLC. One's fronted by Lone Star's attorney; the other, by a manager. And both are officed here. Avi's got the licenses to prove it. --Robert Wilonsky

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