Where's the Fire: What Are Those Sculptures in Front of Fire Station 35?

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firehouse sculpture1.jpgWhat you see at top are three sculptures installed over the weekend in front of the new Fire Station No. 35 near the Marsh-Walnut Hill intersection, which officially opened this week and replaces its 55-year-old counterpart across the street. As I drive by this miniature Stonehenge twice a day, I needed to know what they were; looked awfully, um, aquatic, you ask me, Dr. Freud. So, after some Interwebs digging, I discovered that the artist responsible for the work -- known as "Elemental Forces" -- is Eliseo Garcia, whose work has dotted the North Texas landscape since 1994.

"It represents fire, water and wind energy, which the fireman face on a daily basis," he tells Unfair Park. "It's more of a conceptual piece. I wanted to do something to separate from the traditional fire station work of art -- you know, the fireman fighting a fire. I wanted something a little more thought-provoking, something they could identify with, which is why I went with something more abstract. The forces of nature are part of this; they interface with the firemen. But I wanted something respectful as well."

After the jump, more photos -- along with Garcia's description of the individual pieces. firehouse sculpture2.jpg
Originally, we thought this was some kind of a seashell -- only, not so much. Says Garcia, it's a "spiral that represents energy and wind, but, conceptually, it represents the fireman's hose without being representational about it, so people wouldn't go, 'Oh, it's a fireman's hose.'"

firehouse sculpture3.jpg
The main piece, in the center, is meant to represent "fire and earth," says Garcia. "It's a little more abstract."

firehouse sculpture4.jpg
This one represents "water," Garcia says. "The element of life. I just wanted to show how there are different forms of it, so I used different movement -- cascading, undulating, spiraling. We always hear of the heroes, which, of course, is important, but never about the elements they face. And they're beautiful, but also dangerous." --Robert Wilonsky

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