Top 10 Mayor Tom Photos of '08

10. Mayor Tom Leppert presents a Mavs jersey to Mayor Huang Xingguo during his trip to China.

City of Dallas
The ultimate icebreaker.

9. Leppert poses with lawyer Mary Goodrich Nix, one of the Five Outstanding Young Dallasites Award winners.

I don't know what Leppert was smoking this day, but I'm sure I can't afford it.

8. Leppert points at the miniature American Airlines Center during the unveiling of the Trinity River Corridor Project model.

Sam Merten
"Sure, there are no levees and the Trinity Turnpike is a couple of strips of paper, but look at this sweet mini TV screen ouside the AAC!"

7. Leppert watches Terrell Owens make a move on his wife.

Patrick Michels
Has Leppert ever been closer to slugging somebody in public?

6. Leppert seduces a photographer during a council meeting break in February.

Sam Merten
As the council broke for lunch during one of the busiest meetings of the year, I ran into Leppert flirting with the guy standing at the top of this ladder.

5. Leppert and council member Sheffie Kadane take a vintage fire truck out for a spin in Deep Ellum.

If days like this don't make all the hard work of being mayor worthwhile, then I don't know what will.

4. Leppert gets a haircut at Cedric B's in South Dallas.

Daniel Rodrigue
Leppert panics as Cedric comes dangerously close to discovering the portal where the Citizens Council inputs his commands.

3. Leppert one-ups TO by pretending to be him.

Patrick Michels
This picture fascinates me. In some respects, it makes me sad. But it mostly makes me laugh uncontrollably.

2. Leppert can't control his excitement as Lily Tomlin prepares to address the city council.

Patrick Michels
Just before Lily Tomlin talked to the council about Jenny the Elephant, Leppert engaged in some fun and yuks with Dwaine Caraway. Or he shit his pants. Either way, funny stuff.

1. Leppert scares the crap out of everyone as he pushes for a convention center hotel.

Sam Merten
He really wants to build this sucker -- so much that this frightful pic inspired this.

--Sam Merten

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