You Take the Fair Park Skyway, High Above the Busy Little One-Way

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fairparktrailblazer.jpgTo be honest, I'm not the biggest fan of year-end wrap-ups. We'll have a couple tomorrow -- enh, it's the law -- but Friends of Unfair Park know by now that when I look back, it tends to be way back. Hence, this post courtesy the Red Oak Kid, who yesterday posted to his Flickr photostream this postcard of the Fair Park monorail, known long ago as "the Trailblazer" as it slowly blazed a trail between the Music Hall and the Cotton Bowl. The Houston hand-me-down, which was installed in 1956 and removed eight years later, came up in conversation no so long ago -- something to do with Dallas Area Rapid Transit and former Dallas city council member Max Goldblatt and, oh, what might have been. --Robert Wilonsky

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