Pssssst, Wanna Buy a Foreclosed House in Highland Park?

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beverly drive foreclosure.jpgLocal Realtors Jerold and Terry Smith today provide this worth-a-look listing of some of Dallas' tonier foreclosures, which are going for cheap, cheap, cheap -- if, that is, your idea of cheap is a Beverly Drive address for the low, low price of $1,199,000, which is about $50,000 more than its Dallas Central Appraisal District valuation. And the Bryn Mawr listing, at $1,674,999, is almost double its DCAD value -- and, sure, we all know those aren't the most reliable things in the world. (Nice balcony off the master bedroom, though.) Still, that house on Chevy Chase (a street whose name always confused me as a kid) does seem like a bargain: Preston Hollow-adjacent for under $400,000. If nothing else, it's much easier to house hunt from your computer. --Robert Wilonsky

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