John Wiley Price Not Happy Dubya's Back to Tear Dallas New Partyhole

Categories: Politics
bush thumbs up.jpgThat's what the Dallas County Commissioner tells Women's Wear Daily today -- pardon me? -- in what's likely to be an endless stream of stories like this till the day George and Laura move back to their old stomping grounds. Says the soft-spoken Democrat, "It's bad enough he's from Texas, and now he's going to come back to Dallas. It's not as though his legacy is one we want to look to. It kind of puts a target on us." Others, of course, are significantly more thrilled with Dubya's intention of freshening up his legacy while tearing "Dallas a new partyhole" -- like, oh, the well-scrubbed elite. Because as Dallas Morning News bold-facer Alan Peppard tells the fashion mag, "The great unwashed masses don't give a shit." --Robert Wilonsky

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