In Houston, a Heated Battle Over Controversial Red-Light Camera Study

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red light camera sign.jpgAnd here we thought Dallas had the lock on red-light camera drama -- damn you, Houston. On December 26, two men filed suit against the City of Houston claiming it was withholding a Rice University professor's study concerning the efficacy of the city's red-light cameras. Two days later, a version of that report turned up -- and, insisted those behind the study, "The absolute number of collisions at camera-monitored approaches is not decreasing."

And that, according to this report this morning, isn't sitting well with the Houston mayor or Texas Department of Transportation officials, who had their own statewide study released last month that insisted quite the contrary. Indeed, notes the "journal of the politics of driving," the August version of the Rice study is even more critical of the cameras' alleged success, which is why Mayor Bill White is alleged to have told the Rice prof, whose wife works for White, to rewrite the study. Hence, the lawsuit demanding the unedited version. --Robert Wilonsky

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