From the Bushes' New Bushes Near Preston Hollow, a History Lesson

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daria.jpgTwo over-the-weekend follows to last week's news concerning George and Laura Bush's impending move to 10141 Daria Place. One comes from former Observer-er Ann Zimmerman, who gave Wall Street Journal readers a peek at the soon-to-be-ex-president's neighborhood, where not all the neighbors are happy about Bush's new address. Says one, "I am afraid with all the negative press the president has been getting, the whole neighborhood is going to be a target."

Too late, as on Friday night, KTVT-Channel 11 reported that from 1956 till 2000, the James Meaders Estates subdivision had a neighborhood association covenant that said the area's land  "shall be used and occupied by white persons only except these covenants shall not prevent occupancy by domestic servants of a different race or nationality in the employ of a tenant." That history lesson -- concerning these illegal and unenforceable documents, as several Friends have asked me to point out -- hasn't been making the rounds at all. Though, maybe that's what Schutze was referring to Friday. --Robert Wilonsky

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