Even in a Lousy Economy, Brinker Finds Someone to Buy Macaroni Grill

Categories: Biz, Dish
brinker_photo_macaronigrill.jpgAnd then there were three. Eleven days after analysts predicted Brinker International would indeed unload Romano's Macaroni Grill despite the lousy credit market, it's happened -- for about $88 million, which doesn't seem like a lot of pasta for a chain with some 220 eateries worldwide (as in, Egypt and Japan and Kuwait, no kidding). Dallas-born-bred-and-based Brinker -- which still has Chili's, On the Border and Maggiano's -- will keep a minority interest in the Mac Grill, but it's now the problem of San Francisco-based Golden Gate Capital, whose money Brinker's using to pay down debt. Not gonna lie, though: Haven't eaten at a Macaroni Grill since, oh, forever, and I don't know anyone else who has. You? Is it good? Oh. Really. --Robert Wilonsky

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