Dallas Animation Studio Tapped to Tick Off 1000 Ways to Die for Spike TV

Categories: Media
way_2.jpgLiquid Logixx, a 3D computer animation studio on South Lamar, counts among its clients American Airlines, PepsiCo, IBM, Texas Instruments and the American Heart Association. It's the studio's work for the latter than has resulted in the latest addition to its roster, Spike TV -- specifically, the show 1000 Ways to Die, which, apparently, include "Lesbocution" and "Fang Banged." Liquid Logixx is providing the animation for eight episodes set to air next year; what you see above is a sneak peek, without any further explanation provided. But, says the Liquid Logixx media release concerning the show, it blends "the science of living and the randomness of death with a dash of Darwinism." --Robert Wilonsky

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