Meanwhile, Down at Dealey Plaza ...

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Courtesy Lynne Rostochil
Rostochil is standing to the right of Private Pyle in this photo from 1991 that totally looks as though it was taken in 1963.

Photographer Craig Hlavaty spent the 45th anniversary of John Kennedy's assassination down at Dealey Plaza -- so you didn't have to. His slide show from the freak show (kidding, so totally kidding!) is over here. But here's a different view of a familiar landmark: Over on Flickr, Lynne Rostochil today posted some photos from the set of Oliver Stone's 1991 film JFK, in which she played Marilyn Sitzman, who worked with Abraham Zapruder and was by his side while he shot the shooting of the president. And, yes, that's a thin and then-relatively unknown Vincent D'Onofrio, about whom Rostochil writes, he was "gracious and nice and happy to chat with everyone." --Robert Wilonsky

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