As If You Needed an Excuse to Run Around in Your Underwear

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Patrick Michels
Somebody's mighty impressed with himself.

Hundreds of runners turned out Saturday morning, many just wearing a pair of shorts, for the Undy 5000, billed as a "brief" run to fight colon cancer. Runners were encouraged to race around White Rock Lake in their underwear for the 5K, a benefit for the Colon Cancer Alliance. This is not the same race during which three people were injured, including Dallas Morning News local news editor Eric Nelson, when a driver ran into pedestrians following a race; that occurred yesterday, during the Dallas Running Club's half-marathon.

The runners Saturday morning included colon cancer survivors, family members of those fighting the disease, and a few who just like stripping down and running around in public. Sounds a little too much like a breeding ground for football game streakers, but it was all for a good cause. Check out more photos in our slide show here. --Patrick Michels

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