Homes for the Holiday

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By week's end, there should be nine new houses in Greenleaf Village II, near the original 5-year-old West Dallas development at Hampton Road and I-30. As we noted back in July, this is the week Whirlpool Corporation and Dallas Area Habitat for Humanity -- and folks who've come to Dallas from all over the country, hammers in hand -- begin construction on those new abodes for low-income residents, as part of Whirlpool's Building Blocks Annual Community Build; previous recipients of new Habitats include Nashville and a Phoenix suburb.

Says Scott Begin, Dallas Area Habitat's CEO in a media release this morning, "The nine Whirlpool Building Blocks homes will transform this new community and continue the revitalization of the West Dallas area." As Begin's organization points out on its Web site, Dallas Area Habitat also built 100 homes in the original Greenleaf Village, a 305-home mixed-income development where, as the Dallas Housing Authority's site says, homes begin at $60,000. --Robert Wilonsky

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