Dallas, Do the Rorschach

Friend of Unfair Park Steve Z. sends this link to "the always interesting Strange Maps blog," which, last week, offered "City Maps As A Rorschach Test." The original source for the item is a 1983 Dallas Morning News illustration comparing the sizes and populations of cities across the world, with Dallas among a lot that also includes Montreal, London, Chicago and so forth -- a dozen in all. (The original artwork, turns out, has been preserved on this site, beneath the heading "Dallas: Some Interesting Facts." Which is very ... interesting.)

Strange Maps then looked at the blob that is/was Dallas in a "more primordial, psychologically more revealing way, as a Rorschach inkblot test." And then came to this conclusion: We live in "an overweight, angry, club-wielding caveman plagued by scrotal elephantiasis." Some comments offer alternative choices, none of which seem to fit. "An overweight Tibetan monk dancing flamenco"? Please. Turns out, there are wrong answers to this test. --Robert Wilonsky

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