UTD Economics Prof Liebowitz Breaks Down the Mortgage Market Meltdown

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University of Texas at Dallas economics prof Stan Liebowitz, heretofore hailed for his music-biz research, has the cover story in the latest issue of the National Review; a rather timely one too, as it performs an autopsy on the "mortgage market meltdown" and points fingers in, well, everyone's general direction -- except yours, subprime loan "bogeyman," so you're totally off the hook. (As Liebowitz writes, "The recent rise in foreclosures is not related empirically to the distinction between subprime and prime loans since both sustained the same percentage increase of foreclosures and at the same time.") The piece is subscription-only, but you're in luck: It's also a just-available 29-page chapter from the book Housing America: Building Out of a Crisis, which is due June 2009, if we actually get that far. --Robert Wilonsky

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