Jeb Hensarling: Either the New Newt or Just a Baby-Faced Mutineer

Categories: Politics
Jeb Hensarling casting his vote against the $700 billion bailout bill.

If you thought last night's blowout victory in the Senate meant the bailout bill was going to pass the House without a fight ... well, you probably didn't, actually. Which is why this USA Today piece on Dallas's Jeb Hensarling -- who, Time notes, is on his way to becoming the new Newt, just maybe -- likewise comes as no surprise, as the Republican representative says that despite pleading phone calls from John McCain and Phil Gramm, well, dang it, he's probably gonna have to vote no again, likely as early as tomorrow. Though, the best part of the story: "An Eagle Scout whose mop of black hair and Dennis-the-Menace grin make him look younger than his 51 years, Hensarling is the face of the Republican mutiny against the rescue plan." --Robert Wilonsky

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