Bingo Gossip, or: Why Your Nana Is the Future of Journalism

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In case you missed it this a.m., David Flick had a piece in The News about Bingo Gossip and Missy Mouser, the 26-year-old one-woman show running the pub that caters to the 80-and-up crowd for whom the phrase "ball lifter" refers to "the mechanism used to raise the ball from beneath the playfield to the 'ball shooter' tip," dig? Gawker has since picked up the story, as Bingo Gossip may, in fact, "hold the answers for what ails the publishing business." I just like this comment from Spirit Fingers: "All I'll say is that there's a nice elderly lady of about 78 living upstate who would love a copy, and I affectionately call her Nana." Say "shalom" to Sarah Silverman? --Robert Wilonsky

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