Without China, Dallas Dies. At Least, That's What It Sounds Like in This Story.

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Mayor Tom in China, pondering the global economy and the nice breeze.

This morning's China Daily, which is now being tossed on the front lawns of locals making more than 75,000 yuan, makes mention of Dallas's efforts to do business with China. No surprise there; city officials, including several council members and Mayor Tom Leppert, have made several trips there in recent years. Still, I had no idea these visits were a matter of life or death.

Dallas Mayor Tom Leppert led a trade mission to China in April. Leppert, a former business executive, said trade with China is essential to his city's survival. "We can no longer afford to think of business on just a national scale, or even limit our efforts to this hemisphere," Leppert said. "For Dallas to prosper, we must all compete on a global scale for a global economy."
Wonder if Mayor Tom's ever heard this Gogol Bordello song. --Robert Wilonsky

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