Watchdogs Sue Cheney For Records, Which He Insists He'll Play Quietly in the Basement in Bush's S.M.U. Library

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Kimberlee Hewitt

The Washington Post said it would happen, and it did: Today, Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington sued Dick Cheney, insisting that the vice president comply with the Presidential Records Act that demands he release his all records, including his rare collection of klezmer 78s, following the end of President Bush's term in January. To which Cheney responded by giving them everything they asked for, along with a warm cookie and a lingering hug. Most interesting note from the original Post story, though, is this one concerning the storage of Bush's documents before they're transferred to his library and penny arcade on the S.M.U. campus:

Archives officials say they have met with White House staff members to discuss the records transfer. The agency has leased a 60,000-square-foot building near Dallas to archive records temporarily until Bush's presidential library is completed at Southern Methodist University.
Ah-ha. Now, this story makes sense. --Robert Wilonsky

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