Tom Hicks' Liverpool FC Partner Meets With Detractors, Who Still Want Duo to Shut Up and "Sell Up"

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Thousands of Liverpool FC fans took to the streets on Saturday night to protest Tom Hicks' ownership of their beloved, beleaguered team -- 4,000 folks, by some counts, or the same number of people expected to turn out total for Texas Rangers home games between now and the season's blessed end. Only, something a little more unexpected took place before Liverpool FC's 2-1 win over Manchester United: George Gillett, who co-owns the team with his Dallas-based frienemy, met with the Spirit of Shankly, the so-called "supporters' union" that recently called for a boycott of the Royal Bank of Scotland if it extends the men any more credit.

But, despite the goodwill gesture, Shankly members weren't having none of it: "We also reminded him that we, as a Union, wanted both himself and Tom Hicks to sell up and leave." Alas, looks like they're stuck with Hicks. Aren't we all. --Robert Wilonsky

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