The ABC's of Carolyn Davis' "TRCP" Question, Complete With Audio!

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Photo by Brian Harkin
District 7 council member Carolyn Davis
While our recap of Tuesday's Trinity River Corridor Project Committee meeting didn't yield answers to delay-related questions associated with the Dallas Floodway Extension, it did turn out to be a fun meeting -- if only to hear council member Carolyn Davis ask for an explanation of what the acronym "TRCP" stood for and who was on that committee. Of course, she learned quickly that she was a member of said committee. Whoops.

We got in touch with Davis this afternoon to find out what happened.

"When you're dealing with anything like that, it's always good to spell out that stuff," Davis tells Unfair Park. "And that's the only thing that I will say. I knew in my mind that's what that was, but I wanted to make sure."

Fortunately, we have the audio evidence so you can judge for yourselves. Enjoy.

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